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Hello, and welcome to my humble little website. I hope that your experience here is a pleasant one. As you may notice below, I am currently in the progress of building the website. I have built this from the ground up and will continue to do so for the life of the website. My current roadmap for the website is as follows in no particular order:

I am a college student, so the website's development will be slow going now that the Fall Semester has started. However, with a little patience, it will get there and I can start creating and posting content. I plan to do something different for the "Stories" tab rather than what the conventional blog does because of limited resources and a stylistic preference as well. On that page, I will post short stories. I may create a separate "News" or "Blog" page as well...I haven't decided yet. If I do, it will not update as frequently as the "Stories" page does - at least not at first. As for the stories, I fancy that I am a very creative person and I love to write, so I want to post some original creative writing there on a regular basis. And I would like to create a way to download the stories for $1, which is a refreshingly unique way to monetize the website. I promise that I will never buy into the Google Tracking Machine for as long as I can help it. I do have further ideas to monetize the website as well - including something like Patreon (LibraPay) and affiliate links. Furthermore, the projects page is a way to showcase any personal software that I may create and publish (under the GPLv3, of course).

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